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Collection of five prepared mug meals

Five 5-ingredient mug meals—in 5 minutes or less

Rate this article and enter to winCooking for one isn’t always easy. Maybe you don’t have access to an oven, you’re too busy scrambling to get your physics homework done to even think about...
Food Myths

Food Myths

Pulling Trig

Pulling Trig

Imagine coming home from a night where you had a few too many drinks. Your friends get you back to your dorm and as you lay down the room starts spinning. You know that...
Planting seeds

Go to the source: Figuring out where your food comes from

Rate this article and enter to win Ever thought about where your food comes from? Or why most fruits and vegetables can be found year-round, even when they aren’t in season? Sure, it’s nice to...
May Edition of Student Health 101

May Edition of Student Health 101

The May edition of Student Health 101 is now available!Packed with helpful tips and advice, this edition features articles on a variety of subjects that will be of interest and importance to all WashU...
foods to keep on hand

Tasty Tuesday Recipes

Click here for healthy and quick dorm recipes that take less than 10 minutes to make!Recipes include: Tomato toast + basil cream cheese Chickpea, avocado and feta salad Chocolate avocado puddingBon appétit!
Full dinner table

How to eat what you love & love what you eat

Rate this article and enter to winEating should be easy, shouldn’t it? It should work like this: We get hungry, we eat what feels good for us, and we’re all set. But in reality,...
Pineapple fried rice

Your perfect plate: All the things in one easy recipe

Rate this article and enter to winEvery so often, a dish comes along that fulfills all your nutritional requirements in one go. This is that moment. Say hello to pineapple fried rice.Pineapple fried rice...
A full dinner table

How to eat better without really trying

Rate this article and enter to winSeriously—why it is you always pick the muffin over the fruit bowl? Or eat way more when dining out than you do in your residence hall?In a recent...
3 types of KIND bars

The new food rule: Your guide to quick nutrition decisions

Rate this article and enter to winShould you eat this? Often, or just occasionally? What does the label say? Nutrition labels don’t make food decisions as simple as we’d like. How you evaluate a...