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The 10-dollar challenge: How to eat healthfully on a budget

Rate this article and enter to winIf you’re like many students, you need to stretch your dollars when it comes to food. Here’s a challenge: Make 10 dollars worth of groceries into enough meals...

The new dietary supplement: Food

Are you among the 34 percent of Americans aged 20-39 who take a dietary supplement each day? Maybe your parents raised you on Flintstones-shaped vitamins to get you excited about the habit. But should...
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Let’s get cooking: 4 basic techniques you need to know

Rate this article and enter to winEnjoying simple, tasty meals in a dorm or apartment is more manageable than you might think. The best part is, you don’t need anything fancy to make it...
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The new food rule: Your guide to quick nutrition decisions

Rate this article and enter to winShould you eat this? Often, or just occasionally? What does the label say? Nutrition labels don’t make food decisions as simple as we’d like. How you evaluate a...
foods to keep on hand

15 foods to keep on hand

Rate this article and enter to winFeeling crunched for time? Have limited space for storing and preparing food? Don’t worry. Keep a few affordable basics in your room and you’ll be eating healthy snacks...
foods to keep on hand

Tasty Tuesday Recipes

Click here for healthy and quick dorm recipes that take less than 10 minutes to make!Recipes include: Tomato toast + basil cream cheese Chickpea, avocado and feta salad Chocolate avocado puddingBon appétit!
Pulling Trig

Pulling Trig

Imagine coming home from a night where you had a few too many drinks. Your friends get you back to your dorm and as you lay down the room starts spinning. You know that...

Fun in the sun: Tips for keeping food safe

Rate this article and enter to winWhile food-borne illnesses occur year round, traveling with food in spring and summer can pose an increased risk. So as you pack your backpack or cooler for a...

What’s up, sugar? Quiz: Sugar’s about to get real

Rate this article and enter to winSugar is confusing on so many levels. Is it natural to the product or added—and does that matter for our health? (Yes, up to a point.) Why don’t...
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The mediterranean diet

Looking for a healthy, flavorful diet? The “Mediterranean Diet” is inspired by the cuisine of countries along the Mediterranean Sea. It’s low in saturated fat but includes heart-healthy fats like olive oil, incorporates lots...