Why Miley Cyrus Quit Weed and Alcohol – and Why Her Decision is Important


Aside from the rare instances when one of my friends decides to shuffle her music library and “Rockstar” pops up, I don’t think of Miley Cyrus very often. My most recent memory of her is when she, at her 2013 MTV Video Music Awards performance, donned a foam finger, shiny nude underwear, and two bleached blonde hair buns while twerking on singer Robin Thicke during “Blurred Lines.” The incident attracted profuse attention from the media and the public alike.

A few months later, Cyrus lit a joint onstage at the Europe Music Awards. Drugs became a central part of who she was as a performer and artist; on Instagram, she frequently posted photos of herself with blunts and clothing covered in marijuana images.

Since the last time I’d seen her, Cyrus had made some changes. She’d exchanged her bleached pixie cut for long, wavy hair, traded her revealing (often neon) costumes for a red gingham top and long pigtails, and swapped her wild party music for two notably tame new singles. Cyrus, who is 24, has certainly led a career characterized by her unpredictable and drastic image changes, but this most recent public presentation overhaul appears to have a pretty clear explanation.


Peer Health Educator Ali Gold reflects on Miley Cyrus’ evolution from child star to weed enthusiast and Cryus’ recent sobriety. Click here to read the full article.