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Illustration of a runner on a treadmill

Small steps to big fitness: A little goes a long way

Rate this article and enter to win $1,000Does your New Year’s resolution relate to physical activity or fitness? Maybe you’re thinking in terms of a full-scale fitness renovation or whole body overhaul. If so……how...

EveryMove by EveryMove Inc.

Why we love it:Apps can make getting your iSweat on more rewarding and fun, and EveryMove is one of our favorites. Users punch in their fitness activity to get points, which can be traded...
C25K™ by Zen Labs, LLC

C25K™ by Zen Labs, LLC

Why we love it:A very simple interface, voice commands, and your own music playlists make this one of the easiest “Couch to 5K” apps to use.What is it?Like many apps, it’s designed to guide...
man and woman working out together

Your body on exercise

Here are five reasons your body loves physical activity—whether dancing, swimming, playing a sport, walking, biking, or visiting the gym: Regular exercise can act as a cognitive enhancer, promoting creativity. The National Institutes of Health report...
Woman exercising using ropes

5 effective fitness fads: Learn the pros and cons of the latest routines

Rate this article and enter to winTrying out a variety of fun and interesting ways to exercise can help you stay motivated—and break up the 150 minutes per week recommended in the U.S. Department...
Two men skiing

Bring home the gold: Olympic workouts you can do anywhere

Rate this article and enter to winThis year, top athletes will gather together in Sochi, Russia to compete in the 22nd Winter Olympic Games, and almost half of the respondents to a recent Student...
Woman doing push up

Queens of pushups, king of squats: Find a fun workout that suits you

Rate this article and enter to winWhen classes and responsibilities become overwhelming, or gym equipment isn’t easily accessible, it can be tempting to put exercise on the back burner. But according to the Centers...
Man lifting weights

Fitting in fitness: 20-minute workouts to fill your week

Rate this article and enter to winCollege is the ideal time to cultivate a healthy lifestyle. Most schools offer an on-campus gym, outdoor settings for physical activity, and intramural sports. Breaks between classes give...